The Founder (2017 Film) Review

Regardless of if you want to admit it or not, but deep-down we all love McDonalds in some way, shape, or form. Now to be fair, I was never a die-hard fan of McDonalds, as I remember us going to Burger King, Hardee’s (Carl’s Jr.), Wendys, and just about any other competitor you could nameContinue reading “The Founder (2017 Film) Review”

Fun Fact: McHot Dogs

McDonald’s original CEO Ray Kroc said that hot dogs would never be available no matter how large the demand as nobody could trust what was really inside the meat. About a decade after his death, McDonalds did come out with their own hotdogs but they didn’t last long. They can still be found at McDonald’sContinue reading “Fun Fact: McHot Dogs”

Fun Fact: The Bizarre Founding of McDonald’s in Japan

While making McDonald’s a success in a foreign country is no easy task, Den Fujita did so during the 1970’s in Japan. But Den Fujita had a odd way of making it more “popular”. Whether or not he believed it himself, he was bold enough to make a bizarre claim that food like McDonald’s wouldContinue reading “Fun Fact: The Bizarre Founding of McDonald’s in Japan”