Fun Fact: What Hideo Kojima Thought of Snake’s Revenge

Series creator Hideo Kojima did not contribute any to the creation of Snake’s Revenge. He did call it a decent game and thought it was true enough to the Metal Gear series.

Fun Fact: Why Hideo Kojima Made Metal Gear 2

When Hideo Kojima made Metal Gear for the MSX, it had disappointing sales in Japan. But the inferior NES version was a surprise hit in America. Konami made a NES sequel called Snake’s Revenge and one of the programmers on there talked to him and inspired him to make his own sequel.

Fun Fact: Why Metal Gear Was Replaced With a Super Computer

Many found it odd that Solid Snake fights a super computer instead of a Metal Gear in the NES version of the original game. The reason was mainly technical, as programmers couldn’t fit the nuclear tank properly with the limitations of the hardware.