(Not So) Fun Fact: Mike Pence Lying on Behalf of the Tobacco Industry

Former Vice President Mike Pence has gone on record several times saying that the effects of cigarette smoking isn’t harmful nor does it kill. He has always voted in-favor of the tobacco industry.

Fun Fact: When Mike Pence Was Living Off Campaign Contributions

Mike Pence has been successfully elected to the Vice Presidency, and Governor of Indiana, however he failed on his first two tries at congress. He ran in 1988, and ran again in 1990 quitting his job the 2nd time around. Having no source of income, Pence used campaign contributions to take care of his mortgage,…

Fun Fact: When Mike Pence Was a Democrat

As a young man, Mike Pence associated with the political and religious views of his parents who were Catholic democrats. In college, he converted to born-again Protestantism and eventually became a ultra-conservative Republican.

Fun Fact: When Mike Pence Crusaded Against Mulan

While Disney’s Mulan in 1999 was based on a Chinese legend that originated in the 6th century, former Vice President Mike Pence told people that it was liberal propaganda about letting women into real military-combat roles. He said this before he was elected as a congressman or Governor, as he was a conservative talk radio…