Fun Fact: When Mike Tyson Changed Street Fighter Forever

The character Balrog in Street Fighter is actually called M. Bison in Japan. The obvious Mike Tyson parody made Capcom switch names to avoid a lawsuit. Balrog is Vega’s Japanese name and M. Bison is named Vega in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Fun Fact: Why Mike Tyson Was Replaced in Punch-Out

In later versions of Punch-Out on NES, Mike Tyson is cosmetically replaced by a boxer named Mr. Dream. Most assumed it was Nintendo distancing themselves from his criminal history, but it was because he lost his championship title.

My Top Ten NES Games #5: Punchout

This is easily going to be a favorite on anyone’s NES list or list of great boxing games. However while later post-SNES boxing games made it feel like real boxing, Punchout made it feel like the Rocky movies almost, which I think was pretty darn awesome.  Punchout is more of a puzzle game than a…