Fun Fact: Minnesota Etymology

Minnesota is named after a Dakota language word for “sky-tinted water”.

Fun Fact: How Saint Paul Minnesota Got Its Name

The capital of Minnesota, Saint Paul is named after Paul the Apostle. Before Minnesota was a state, St. Paul took its name from a local chapel. The chapel itself was named because Paul was the favorite saint of Father Lucien Galtier.

Fun Fact: First Muslim Congressman

While the events of the War on Terror has caused many phobias and misunderstandings about Muslims, voters in Minnesota’s 5th congressional district elected Keith Ellison, who is a follower of Sunni Islam. He’s won several landslide elections to Congress, and has been a wonderful supporter of women’s rights, and LGBT rights. When he took his…

Fun Fact: Halloween Captial of the World?

Both Salem, Massachusetts and Anoka, Minnesota claim to be the Halloween capital of the world. Salem was well-known for historical witch trials while Anoka was one of the first cities that discouraged pranks on Halloween.

Fargo (1996 Film) Review

I had heard of Fargo for years now, only knowing something about a wood chipper, and let’s just say, it wasn’t because someone was doing lawn work. I’ve been meaning to see it for years now, and finally well over two decades later, I had my chance. I was delighted to learn William H. Macy…