Gotham (TV Series) Season 1 Review

Gotham is rather new, so I’m not that late to the game this time around. Out of a DC’s superheroes, Batman is my favorite and Gotham is his city. Before Smallville, they had originally planned to do a series with a much younger Bruce Wayne but that idea morphed to a young Superman instead ofContinue reading “Gotham (TV Series) Season 1 Review”

Deadpool (2016 Film) Review

When people think of Marvel they think of heroes like Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man, the X-Men, and many others. The one superhero your mom probably doesn’t know is Deadpool. One of Marvel’s most unusual and super-popular characters is the anti-hero known far more for his silly humor than a serious story of good vsContinue reading “Deadpool (2016 Film) Review”