Fun Fact: How Long a Deck of Cards Lasts in Vegas

A Vegas casino playing card deck only lasts about 4 hours before being trashed or sold. This helps prevent cheaters from telling what cards are being played from wear and tear markings.

(Not So) Fun Fact: Arrest of Bruno Mars

While many celebrities fall into some kind of controversy throughout their careers, Bruno Mars was definitely not immune. In 2010 he walked into a bathroom in Las Vegas with a bag of a white powdery substance of an illegal nature. The police were ready to confront him as soon as he was done. Despite such…

(Not So) Fun Fact: Michael Jordan Being a Bad Tipper

Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky was enjoying a night in Las Vegas in the 90s with Michael Jordan, among others. He embarrassed the basketball great when he noticed Michael Jordan had given the waitress a very small tip. Wayne Gretzky ended up giving her a very generous tip.

Things I Like: Vegas Vacation (1997 Film)

I remember Vegas Vacation being the first of the Chevy Chase vacation films that I ever saw. I randomly watched it on cable TV years ago and I watched it the other day on Netflix. Clark Griswold gets the idea to bring his whole family on a Vegas vacation trip. Despite his two kids being…