Fun Fact: Philadelphia Cream Cheese Isn’t From Philly

The popular dairy product wasn’t from Philadelphia Pennsylvania but New York.

Fun Fact: Battle of Long Island

The Battle of Long Island was the first major battle of the American Revolution after the Declaration of Independence. It was also the biggest battle in scale. Unfortunately, it was a British victory.

Things I Like: Uncoupled (TV Series) Season 1

Uncoupled ended up being a show my wife recommended we watch on Netflix. It came out fairly recently and I had no idea it was coming out until my wife brought it up. I did think the concept was interesting, Neil Patrick Harris finally playing a gay character. Neil Patrick Harris plays Michael Lawson, a…

Things I Like: Anger Management (2003 Film)

I remember watching this a few years after it came out. Definitely far from the best of Adam Sandler’s comedies, but it’s certainly much better than his more recent attempts. I will admit that the story is rather silly. A really nice guy gets seated next to an anger management coach on a plane. And…