Fun Fact: The Importance of Pyongyang To Korean History

Pyongyang, North Korea was once the capital of two ancient Korean kingdoms, Gojoseon and Goguryeo. The city was mostly destroyed twice, first during the First Sino-Japanese War and later during the Korean War.

Fun Fact: Founder of Hyundai

Chung Ju-Yung was born in a poor farming family during the days that Japan ruled Korea. Growing up in what is now in North Korea, he escaped his father’s farm on multiple occasions. After Korea was liberated by the Allied powers from Japan, he truly started his automobile company and eventually became the richest man…

Fun Fact: Largest Soccer Stadium in the World

According to its official capacity of seating, the Rungrado 1st of May Stadium in North Korea is the largest soccer stadium in the world. It was partly built in spite, as South Korea was given the Summer Olympics.

Fun Fact: The Last Time Korea Was Whole

A brief interim government of Korea existed for about a year after Japan’s defeat during World War II as the People’s Republic of Korea. It mainly served as a way for America and the Soviet Union to agree on how Korea should be divided to every detail.