Fun Fact: Lenin’s Chosen Capitalist

Armand Hammer was an American businessman most famously linked to Occidental Petroleum. He had close ties to the Soviet Union, making key trade deals with Vladimir Lenin. Despite his ties to Communist Russia, he was close to the Republican Party and made less than respectable deals with Richard Nixon. George H. W. Bush ended upContinue reading “Fun Fact: Lenin’s Chosen Capitalist”

Things I Like: The American President (1995 Film)

Back in 2006, I first saw The American President in my government & economics class. It was towards the end of the semester where work was practically done but school wasn’t out yet. So our teacher (oddly enough his brother was a Republican state senator yet he choose a very pro-liberal film) let us watchContinue reading “Things I Like: The American President (1995 Film)”

Fun Fact: Undocumented Immigrants Aren’t Eligible For Federal Welfare

Despite claims from conservative Americans, illegal immigrants do not get welfare benefits in the United States. Legal immigrants have a five-year waiting period before even they can get any kind of welfare. Children of immigrants born in the United States can get welfare like SNAP (food stamps) and Medicaid because they are U.S. citizens viaContinue reading “Fun Fact: Undocumented Immigrants Aren’t Eligible For Federal Welfare”

Fun Fact: When Tony Perkins Got Hit By Karma

The Family Research Council is a lobbying group that is so anti-LGBT that the Southern Poverty Law Center has classified it as a hate group. Since 2003 the Family Research Council has been led by Tony Perkins who was bold enough to claim that natural disasters were a punishment from God to those who areContinue reading “Fun Fact: When Tony Perkins Got Hit By Karma”