Fun Fact: Golden Gate Bridge’s Portuguese Cousin

Many have noticed that the 25 de Abril Bridge in Portugal resembles the Golden Gate Bridge in California. It’s even the exact same shade of color, International Orange.

Things I Hate: Margaret Tudor (The Tudors)

I’d say her character was the biggest mistake the series ever did. In reality, her character is more like the historical Princess Mary Tudor (daughter of King Henry VII) instead of her older sister Margaret. In the show, she makes it clear to her brother, that she wants to marry someone that she chooses after…

(Not So) Fun Fact: Death of Inês de Castro

Inês de Castro was the lover of the future Peter I of Portugal. When his legal wife died, he married her in secret. King Afonso IV of Portugal didn’t think she was highborn enough to be queen, so he sent three assassins to murder her. When Peter I became king, two assassins were captured and…

Fun Fact: First Europeans To Visit Japan

While Japan remained a rather isolated country for hundreds of years, they did see their first European visitors in the 16th century. Traders and Jesuit missionaries from Portugal were some of the first Europeans to visit Japan.

Fun Fact: Last King of Portugal

King Manuel II was the last King of Portugal who took the throne after his father was assassinated. His reign only last about two years when a revolution ousted him from power in 1910. He was exiled to Great Britain where he eventually passed away in 1932.