Things I Like: Little Mac (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

I wasn’t a big fan of his in Smash 4, though I do think Punchout is a wonderful video game series. But I seemed to have liked him more in Ultimate, for whatever reasons that is. I suppose Little Mac’s problem is that all his special and smash moves seems to work about the same.Continue reading “Things I Like: Little Mac (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)”

Things I Like: Boxing Ring Stage (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

This one was in both versions of Smash 4 and returns for Ultimate. It’s based loosely on the Punchout games. I do like how the screen nicknames characters and has official live stats of what’s going on. The main hazard to look out for is the lights above. You can damage it. And have itContinue reading “Things I Like: Boxing Ring Stage (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)”

My Top Ten NES Games #5: Punchout

This is easily going to be a favorite on anyone’s NES list or list of great boxing games. However while later post-SNES boxing games made it feel like real boxing, Punchout made it feel like the Rocky movies almost, which I think was pretty darn awesome.  Punchout is more of a puzzle game than aContinue reading “My Top Ten NES Games #5: Punchout”