Fun Fact: Mike Tyson Took Forever To Play His Own Game

Mike Tyson might have been the epic final boss of Punch-Out, but he admitted it took him thirteen years to get around to actually playing the video game.

Fun Fact: Mario Wasn’t Intended To Be In Punch-Out

Mario being the referee was added at the last minute. While Nintendo owned Punch-Out and there was no legal issue, apparently the creators forgot to ask their bosses permission to put the plumber in the game.

Video Game History: Punch-Out!! (Arcade)

Long before Punch-Out!! on NES, there was the original game of the same name for arcades. It was also one of the earliest games Nintendo ever made. It may not be as realistic as Nintendo claimed, but come on for 1984 what can you expect? The game had a lot in common with its future…