Things I Like: Mechanical Dragon (Rayman Legends)

One of the later bosses in Rayman Legends, this robot dragon is a force to be feared. See those metal barriers? Well they are there to keep you safe. From purple laser bursts. It’s quite a challenge to avoid the lasers while sending damage to the big bad robot dragon. Very challenging fight, but oneContinue reading “Things I Like: Mechanical Dragon (Rayman Legends)”

Things I Like: El Luchador (Rayman Legends)

This giant wrestler is a boss midway through the game. I knew this one was going to be fun. Though not too much fun, you have worry about getting hit by lava, an enemy of mine since Super Mario 64. Gets worse to dodge as time goes on. Though there are checkpoints, which makes itContinue reading “Things I Like: El Luchador (Rayman Legends)”

Things I Hate: Armored Toad (Rayman Legends)

The 2nd major boss in the game is rather annoying. It’s a battle in the air and you have your airborne powers at your disposal. The battle is pretty simple, wait until the big frog is weak and take out parts of his armor. But he’ll send many things your way and some parts areContinue reading “Things I Hate: Armored Toad (Rayman Legends)”

Things I Like: Medieval Dragon (Rayman Legends)

I certainly didn’t expect the first boss of Rayman Legends to be so epic in size and power. As the name suggests, he’s a crazy dragon straight out of the legends of European folklore. He’s quite the flyer, so you only have a moment every now and then where you can land some damage. WhileContinue reading “Things I Like: Medieval Dragon (Rayman Legends)”

Rayman Legends Definitive Edition (Nintendo Switch) Review

Rayman Legends came out back in 2014, but since Ubisoft takes cues from Capcom, they often like to re-release their work for the newest consoles. Though to be fair, Nintendo did that often with the Nintendo Switch, but that’s mainly because the WiiU was a “failure” and they wanted to prevent some of those titlesContinue reading “Rayman Legends Definitive Edition (Nintendo Switch) Review”