Fun Fact: When The Reagans Let Astrology Dictate Policy

In 1988 it was revealed that not only did Nancy Reagan take astrology very seriously, but she let astrological decisions alter presidential matters. Nancy was advised by Joan Quigley, an astrologer from San Francisco from 1981-1988. It even annoyed some in the Reagan Administration as former Chief of Staff Donald Regan said “Virtually every majorContinue reading “Fun Fact: When The Reagans Let Astrology Dictate Policy”

Fun Fact: The Very Liberal Ronald Reagan Jr.

While former President Ronald Reagan is a hero to many conservative Christians, his son Ron Reagan is not only liberal but also an atheist. While Ron has endorsed many members of the Democratic Party, he has refused to run for office. Mainly because he believes that people would vote against him for his non-religious views.

Fun Fact: Jerry Brown Coincidence

When Ronald Reagan left the office of Governor of California, he was succeeded by democrat Jerry Brown. Ironically after Arnold Schwarzenegger’s (like Reagan was an actor and a republican) gubernatorial terms were up he was succeeded by Jerry Brown who had returned from political retirement.

Fun Fact: When Ronald Reagan Tried To Make Ketchup A Vegetable

During the early days of the Ronald Reagan administration, the government tried to reclassify things like ketchup and pickle relish as vegetables. The move was mainly in hopes to budget cut while abiding by USDA standards for school lunches. The effort failed after intense criticism from the opposition.