(Not So) Fun Fact: When Trump Threatened Saudi Arabia On Behalf of Russian Oil Profits

It’s been reported that Trump secretly told the government of Saudi Arabia to end their price war over oil with Russia (which led to very cheap gasoline prices) or risk losing all the aid and military presence that America provided.

Fun Fact: Saudi Arabia Banning Valentines Day

The Islamic country of Saudi Arabia has virtually stopped the celebration of Valentines Day despite its popularity with many younger Muslims. The official reason is that holiday is Christian, but it also is criticized for borrowing from pagan holidays. On the 14th of February, all things related to Valentines (e.g. roses, chocolates) are more thanContinue reading “Fun Fact: Saudi Arabia Banning Valentines Day”

Fun Fact: Saudi Arabia Importing Camel From Australia

Despite camels being synonymous with the Middle East, the county of Saudi Arabia imported a lot of their camels from Australia. Though this was done not to replace their current camels but to put them on the dinner table as camel is used in a lot of meals in the country.

Fun Fact: Salem Witch Trial in Saudi Arabia?

While intelligent people in the modern day know that magic is pure myth, there are still plenty of people on present-day Earth that think witchcraft is real. Even to the point where they influence governments to make punishments for “witchcraft”. For example, a woman named Fawza Falih was sentenced to capital punishment in 2006 forContinue reading “Fun Fact: Salem Witch Trial in Saudi Arabia?”