Video Game History: Batman: Return of the Joker

Batman: The Return of the Joker (known as The Revenge of the Joker on the Sega Genesis) was one of the first major video games staring Gotham’s greatest hero in the early 90’s. It came out after many video games based on the 1989 film Batman, but this one was instead based on the originalContinue reading “Video Game History: Batman: Return of the Joker”

MegaMan: The Wily Wars Review

I’ve heard of the game for many years. A “secret” remake of the NES MegaMan games? Sounds too good to be true, and for Americans it certainly was too good to be true. Most of us never got to play it, but our good friends in both Japan and Europe had easy access to it.Continue reading “MegaMan: The Wily Wars Review”

Video Game History: Superman (Sega Genesis)

The early 90’s were a golden age for video games, and DC wanted to give Superman a shot on the Sega Genesis. So Sunsoft made a platformer in 1992 starring the Man of Steel. Some gamers say it was rather silly for Superman on Genesis to be a platformer as he can fly. Though IContinue reading “Video Game History: Superman (Sega Genesis)”

My Top Ten Xbox Games #10: Panzer Dragoon Orta

After giving Sega fans the few bones they could get with the Saturn, Panzer Dragoon stayed dead during the Dreamcast days. However the long awaited sequel did hit the Xbox, and although it didn’t become a RPG like Saga might have left fans thinking where the series might head, it was arguably the best inContinue reading “My Top Ten Xbox Games #10: Panzer Dragoon Orta”