Things I Like: Ludwig Von Koopa (Super Mario World)

Ludwig Von Koopa is one of the later bosses in Super Mario World. A decent boss fight that reminds me a little of Bowser from Super Mario Bros. 1 on NES. He’s one of the easiest fights for the Koopa Kids. You send him flying and you move along after taking a Yoshi egg withContinue reading “Things I Like: Ludwig Von Koopa (Super Mario World)”

My Top Ten NES Games #1: Super Mario Bros. 3

This one wasn’t a hard one to figure out. Super Mario Bros 3 is platforming goodness, and I bet you couldn’t find a legitimate top NES list without it in somewhere in the top ten.  Super Mario Bros. was a compelete step up over Donkey Kong and Mario Bros. Super Mario Bros 3. had evolved so muchContinue reading “My Top Ten NES Games #1: Super Mario Bros. 3”