Things I Like: Soccer Ball (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

The soccer ball has been an item since Brawl, while far from my favorite, it’s a good one. It’s actually based on the soccer balls from Super Mario Strikers. Like the game soccer/football, you can’t pick up the soccer ball. But if you hit it with a smash attack, you can make it fly. WhichContinue reading “Things I Like: Soccer Ball (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)”

World Cup Soccer Pinball (Carolina Arcade Museum)

At Forest City’s Carolina Arcade Museum was World Cup Soccer, a pinball game made by Bally-Midway in 1994. It was made in honor of the 1994 FIFA World Cup which was held in the United States. The dog in the art is the 1994 World Cup’s mascot Striker. Also America didn’t win the World CupContinue reading “World Cup Soccer Pinball (Carolina Arcade Museum)”