Street Fighter Alpha (PS1) Review

When I was a kid Street Fighter II was one of the coolest games we had on SNES. The series had seen many editions, spin-offs, and sequels, but this is the first time I really played the Alpha series. Since PSN has classics for the original Playstation, I thought I’d start with first Street FighterContinue reading “Street Fighter Alpha (PS1) Review”

Video Game History: Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game

While Street Fighter: The Movie itself was a bad idea, the idea for Capcom and Acclaim to make a video game version of the movie was downright idiotic. They first made the game in the arcades, and then ports to Sega Saturn and PlayStation followed later. What makes this different from the rest of theContinue reading “Video Game History: Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game”

Video Game History: Street Fighter 1

Did you ever wonder why you’ve played a lot of Street Fighter II, but never played the original game? Well it actually existed, and it stayed mostly in the arcades for years. You mainly controlled Ryu, and fought with a more basic combat set-up. There was apparently a 2 player mode as well. Capcom eventuallyContinue reading “Video Game History: Street Fighter 1”