Things I Like: Vikings Valhalla (TV Series) Season 2

I remember being very impressed by the first season of Vikings Valhalla last year when it premiered on Netflix. Season 2 dropped not that long ago and the quality is mostly the same. Like almost every story set in a time of political and historical change, things are much different for many of the characters…

Fun Fact: The Swedish King With a Literal Hatred of Coffee

King Gustav III of Sweden had an obsession with proving that coffee was an unhealthy drink because he hated it so much. It was said that he gave large amounts to a convicted murderer expecting him to die, but he actually outlived the king himself

(Not So) Fun Fact: Largest Car Theft in History

Sweden saw economic opportunities in North Korea during the 1970s. Many Swedish companies exported goods, including one thousand Volvos that were never paid for. The Soviet Union called it the biggest car theft in history.