Mario Tennis Aces (Nintendo Switch) Review

I’ve been a fan of the Mario Tennis sub-series since the N64 version, though it was predated by a really obscure version for the ill-fated Virtual Boy system. I certainly missed the WiiU sequel Ultra Smash but I heard it failed to really evolve the series. Since I no longer have a WiiU, I guessContinue reading “Mario Tennis Aces (Nintendo Switch) Review”

Things I Hate: Super Tennis (SNES)

I’ve been trying to catch up on SNES games I’ve missed in the Super Nintendo library for the Nintendo Switch. Super Tennis was one of the ones I’m really sure I’ve never played. Technically another company made this, but Nintendo published the game themselves outside of Japan. But anyone who recalls the simple (yet aContinue reading “Things I Hate: Super Tennis (SNES)”