Fun Fact: The President Who Made Voting Legal For All Free Men

While he didn’t technically do it himself, Thomas Jefferson didn’t agree with the idea of only letting white owners of property vote in elections. It was a common viewpoint in his Democratic-Republican Party and by 1824, only three states had it as a requirement.

Fun Fact: What’s Written on Thomas Jefferson’s Gravestone

When Thomas Jefferson passed away, he had left instructions for the epitaph on his gravestone. Despite many notable roles in our nation’s history (e.g. President, Vice President, Secretary of State), his final resting place makes no mention of it. Instead it mentions that he was the author of the Declaration of Independence, stood for religiousContinue reading “Fun Fact: What’s Written on Thomas Jefferson’s Gravestone”

Fun Fact: Jefferson Irony When Approving The Louisiana Purchase

For most of his political career, Thomas Jefferson believed in a strict philosophy that anything that wasn’t specifically mentioned in the U.S. Constitution could not be done without an amendment. That was until the Louisiana Purchase (which doubled the size of the United States of America) where mere congressional and presidential approval was just fineContinue reading “Fun Fact: Jefferson Irony When Approving The Louisiana Purchase”

Fun Fact: When Jefferson Almost Lost His Presidency to Aaron Burr

Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr had an awkward moment after the 1800 President election. While they ran as running mates, the choices were technically unclear of who should be president or vice president. Electors created a crisis where Aaron Burr could had possibly be chosen as president instead of Jefferson. Soon after the 12th amendmentContinue reading “Fun Fact: When Jefferson Almost Lost His Presidency to Aaron Burr”

Fun Fact: Why Jefferson Defeated Adams

In a fairly close electoral count, Thomas Jefferson defeated John Adams in the U.S. Presidential election of 1800. However Adams supporters figured that Jefferson probably would have lost if slaves were not counted in the population that boosted electoral values. Someone eventually said that Jefferson had rode into the temple of liberty on the shouldersContinue reading “Fun Fact: Why Jefferson Defeated Adams”