Things I Like: Hela (MCU)

Hela is the main villain of Thor: Ragnarok and one of my favorite villains in the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe. Odin tells both Thor and Loki that she is their secret older sister who he had to banish. What was holding her back was Odin’s magic, which died upon Odin’s death. She takes no timeContinue reading “Things I Like: Hela (MCU)”

Things I Like: Odin (MCU)

I did enjoy the MCU’s take on the Norse god and Marvel character Odin, father of Thor and Loki. Despite his immense power, he seeks peace with the Frost Giants. He even takes their young prince (who they left to die due to his small size) as his own and named him Loki. Odin wasContinue reading “Things I Like: Odin (MCU)”

Things I Hate: Malekith (MCU)

Malekith is a dark elf who is the main bad guy in Thor: The Dark World. While the movie doesn’t make it super clear to most people, but he’s older than even Odin as he fought the first King of Asgard. He returns to collect the Aether which was stuck inside Jane Foster. The humanContinue reading “Things I Hate: Malekith (MCU)”

Things I Hate: Destroyer (MCU)

Loki’s first carnage on Earth was not with him present really, he sent this powerful Asgardian semi-robot thing down to destroy his brother Thor for good. It had no personality or emotions, it merely acted upon its master’s wishes. Even Thor’s best friends did very little good to stop the beast and they almost diedContinue reading “Things I Hate: Destroyer (MCU)”

Things I Like: Thor: Love and Thunder (2022 Film)

Since having my son Alexander, my wife and I were unsure of when our next visit to the movies might be. But we really wanted to see Thor: Love and Thunder, which has gotten mixed reactions from fans. After the mess that was Thor: Dark World, I will say I did have a little doubt.Continue reading “Things I Like: Thor: Love and Thunder (2022 Film)”