Things I Hate: Christmas with the Kranks (2004 Film)

I sorta remember Christmas with the Kranks when it came out in 2004. I never watched it then, but years later I did. The story is about the Krank family, their daughter Blair leaves to work for the Peace Corps which leaves the parents with no kids in the house. The father Luther comes upContinue reading “Things I Hate: Christmas with the Kranks (2004 Film)”

Things I Like: Galaxy Quest (1999 Film)

I vaguely remember Galaxy Quest coming out in the very late 90’s, but I know I never saw it. It’s basically a parody of Star Trek and their fans. Though Trekkies took it quite well, and it even got many compliments from former Star Trek actors. Patrick Stewart (who played Captain Picard) said he initiallyContinue reading “Things I Like: Galaxy Quest (1999 Film)”

Things I Like: Home Improvement (TV Series)

It was a really good TV Show. Tim was funny because he was an idiot. Can’t build a thing, but sure we’ll let you have a TV Show about constructing stuff. His wife was kinda annoying. Al Borland was pretty cool. Especially the mom jokes. And Wilson was the source of wisdom. Where’s his face?Continue reading “Things I Like: Home Improvement (TV Series)”

Things I Like: The Santa Clause (1994 Film)

Man it seems just like yesterday that I saw this movie. One of my favorite major films for Christmas time as a child. The plot of the movie stars Tim Allen as some dude who just got divorced. He gets his son for the holidays, and while staying over Santa dies in their front yard.Continue reading “Things I Like: The Santa Clause (1994 Film)”

Home Improvement (SNES) Review

I’m a big fan of the show, and when I heard they made a video game I kinda laughed at the idea of it. What video game could they make? A marriage simulator? A building/constructing game? Well at first it looks just like the show except Tim let his kids appear on set with him.Continue reading “Home Improvement (SNES) Review”