Things I Like: The Nightmare Before Christmas

One of the best movies ever. The story is about Jack Skellington who is the hero of Halloween Town, a place where it is Halloween-ish all year round. He grows bored and stumbles upon Christmas town in which he falls in love with. He wishes to spread Christmas cheer to the residents of Halloween Town,Continue reading “Things I Like: The Nightmare Before Christmas”

Things I Like: Batman Returns (1992 Film)

While it wasn’t as good as the 2nd film, I still enjoy watching it every couple of years. It also shed a little more light on the people of Gotham, and more about Bruce Wayne the person. Penguin and Catwoman were decent villains. It was a shame that this was the last really good BatmanContinue reading “Things I Like: Batman Returns (1992 Film)”

Dumbo (2019 Film) Review

As a kid, I think I saw Dumbo, but it’s been so many years I couldn’t say for sure. I at least knew or remembered that the elephant could fly due to its big ears. While Disney and other Hollywood studios wait too soon to remake things, Dumbo was made in 1941, so I supposeContinue reading “Dumbo (2019 Film) Review”