(Not So) Fun Fact: Ezra Miller’s First Arrest

Actor Ezra Miller’s career is most likely ruined over their recent legal troubles involving assaulting people in Hawaii and robbing a house in Vermont. Their first arrest came at 10 years old when Miller spray-painted a Gap store.

Fun Fact: How Montpelier Vermont Got Its Name

The capital of Vermont, Montpelier was named by one of the city’s founders Jacob Davis. He named the settlement after Montpelier, a city in southern France. The name was chosen as France had become very popular due to their helpful role in the American Revolutionary War.

Fun Fact: When Vermont Was Its Own Country

Even though Vermont and its people fought for independence, and considered themselves Americans, they were not part of the original 13 states. Due to a boundary dispute from New York, Congress failed to recognize Vermont as a state. From 1777-1791 it existed as it’s own republic, but most citizens wished for Vermont to join the…