Fun Fact: Origin of the Surname Jones

The family name Jones comes from Wales. In Welsh, it basically means “son of John.”

Fun Fact: 2nd Longest Serving Prince of Wales

The heir apparent of the British throne is typically called The Prince of Wales. Queen Victoria’s son Albert Edward was the longest-serving Prince of Wales. After almost 60 years, he finally became King and ruled as Edward VII. The current holder Prince Charles is the longest now.

Fun Fact: Corgi Etymology

The dogs known as corgis get their name from the Welsh words that mean “dwarf dog”. Th corgi breed originated in Wales, which is now part of the United Kingdom.

Fun Fact: First Prince of Wales To Not Become King

The heir apparent of the English (now British) throne has been known as the Prince of Wales since 1240. However there were times that the Prince of Wales would never become King. The first prince to do so was King Edward III’s son. Prince Edward died a year before his father, so his son became…