Things I Hate: Hamlet (1990 Film)

William Shakespeare wrote many plays, one of which is Hamlet. I saw The Simpsons do a parody once, but I didn’t know the whole story. Also I heard The Lion King’s story was mostly based on the plot of Hamlet. I also thought it was weird to see Mel Gibson in a movie based onContinue reading “Things I Hate: Hamlet (1990 Film)”

Things I Like: Shakespeare in Love (1998 Film)

I remember hearing about Shakespeare in Love in the early 2000s when my English teacher got some videos with the film’s cast talking about Shakespeare and his plays. I always found high school English classes’ love for Shakespearean plays to be over-rated, so I skipped my interest in it during 10th grade. But I sawContinue reading “Things I Like: Shakespeare in Love (1998 Film)”

Romeo + Juliet (1996 Film) Review

I don’t remember Romeo + Juliet coming out in 1996, but I remember hearing of it a few years ago. I also had no idea that this one is a modernization instead of it set in the original time of the play. As I said, this Romeo and Juliet is not set in the oldenContinue reading “Romeo + Juliet (1996 Film) Review”

Fun Fact: William Shakespeare Was Married To Anne Hathaway

While he came up with the most famous love story, little is known about William Shakespeare’s marriage to his wife Anne Hathaway. He married her when she was 26, and he was only 18. She was also pregnant with their first child at the time of the wedding. They would later have a son andContinue reading “Fun Fact: William Shakespeare Was Married To Anne Hathaway”