Wolfenstein 3D (SNES version) Review

Before Doom, there was Wolfenstein 3D. It was a “Doom Clone” before there was a Doom to speak of. It’s bascially the same game as Doom, just replace Demons with Nazis. With all the controversy that surrounded Doom back in the day, why did no Congressmen or Senators ever speak of Wolfenstein 3D? Shooting demonsContinue reading “Wolfenstein 3D (SNES version) Review”

Fun Fact: Russian Name For World War II

While World War II had two major sides, a lot of countries had different names for the war and only fought certain nations its allies may have not. In the Soviet Union (which saw almost no involvement in the Pacific) people referred to the war as the “Great Patriotic War” in Russian. Though the termContinue reading “Fun Fact: Russian Name For World War II”

Fun Fact: The Soviet Female Sniper Who Terrified Germany

One of World War II’s most notable soldiers was the Soviet Union’s Roza Shanina. She personally took out 54 German soldiers, which earned her the nickname “the unseen terror of East Prussia”. She died in 1945 shortly before the end of of the war by shielding a wounded officer.

(Not So) Fun Fact: When America Turned Away Future Holocaust Victims

The MS St. Louis was a ship most famous for sailing 908 Jewish refugees out of Germany in 1939. The ship sailed to the Americas where refugees were refused both in Cuba, and in the United States. The ship was forced to sail back to Europe where the passengers were taken by various countries. HoweverContinue reading “(Not So) Fun Fact: When America Turned Away Future Holocaust Victims”