Fun Fact: Secret Playing Card Maps During World War II

The United States government worked with a playing card company to make cards with hidden maps, if soldiers winded up in a POW camp.

(Not So) Fun Fact: The Romanov Who Sided With Hitler

Grand Duke Vladimir Kirillovich of Russia was the head of the Imperial Russian family during World War II. Exiled and powerless, he made a statement for Russians to help Germany overthrow the Communist government of the Soviet Union. His family were in the care of Germany until the war’s end.

(Not So) Fun Fact: How Badly Soviets Recognized Holocaust Victims

While the Red Army did liberate and care for many of the survivors of the concentration camps of Nazi Germany, Soviet newspapers often neglected to mention that many of the victims were Jewish. While soft compared to what happened in Germany, anti-Semitism was still a very real reality in the Soviet Union.

Fun Fact: Sigmund Freud Avoided the Holocaust

Psychologist Sigmund Freud was a target of the Nazi party when they took over Austria. Despite banning his books and burning them, he refused to leave Austria until his wife was approached by the German Secret police. Since he was Jewish, he wisely chose exile in England and died before the war was over.

Fun Fact: The Love Story of Elinor Powell

Elinor Powell was a military nurse during World War II. She fell in love with a German prisoner. Despite a possibility of being hit by a court martial, the interracial couple were eventually married.