Knives Out (2019 Film) Review

 Knives Out movie poster Marta Cabrera Ana de armas Rian Johnson

I believe I first heard of Knives Out after it left theaters last year. I was familiar with most of the cast, along with its director Rian Johnson who directed Star Wars: The Last Jedi. I saw it was on Amazon Prime, and I knew I needed to watch it before it left the service. I heard good things, and this had been the first movie in awhile that I was genuinely excited to see.

Knives Out Harlan Drysdale birthday party Christopher Plummer Jamie Lee Curtis Linda

The film is about Harlan Drysdale, an aging but very successful author. Since he is quite old, he has quite the extended family. Though he would be lying if he said that he had a happy family. One day, he is found dead, apparently from suicide.

Knives Out Benoit Blanc Marta Cabrera Ana de armas Daniel Craig

But suicide isn’t the idea that Benoit Blanc has about the situation. He is a talented detective who had been mysteriously hired to investigate Drysdale’s death as murder. His only innocent ally is Harlan’s nurse Marta Cabrera whom can’t lie without vomiting.

Knives Out Hugh Ransom Drysdale Chris Evans will reading

But if it was murder, then who did the deed? Harlan had a fortune to leave behind, and plenty of family drama to create dozens of motives. This mystery may never be solved, but Benoit Blanc is sure going to try to crack the case.

Knives Out Daniel Craig as Benoit Blanc Detective

By the end of the movie, I was impressed yet a little disappointed with Knives Out. It’s a well written and directed movie, but I was expecting a bigger twist at the end. In a whodunit movie, I was expecting too much I suppose. But it is an extremely likable movie and I highly recommend anybody see it.

Score: B+

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3 thoughts on “Knives Out (2019 Film) Review

  1. I’m a fan of most of the actors/actresses in the movie, and heard lots of good things about this one, but I waited awhile to watch it. For the most part I really enjoyed it, but as much as I adore Daniel Craig, I sure wish he would have NOT used that southern accent.(lol) It would have been a perfectly good movie with his normal voice. I hear there’s another one scheduled too. Hugs, RO


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