Never Been Kissed (1999 Film) Review

Never been kissed movie poster 1999 drew Barrymore

Back in 1999, I was only 11 and this kind of movie was definitely not something I would’ve watched on my own. I didn’t have any sisters either, so none of my brothers would’ve watched it. I think I heard of it before, but it was only until now that I really knew what it was.

Never been kissed Josie Geller drew Barrymore newspaper board room

The movie is about Josie Geller, a young woman working for the Chicago Sun-Times. Even though she’s 25, she hasn’t had a serious relationship ever. Her time in high school was quite embarrassing and even more painful.

Never been kissed John C Reilly gus Strauss

One of her bosses gets a story idea that she should infiltrate a local high school undercover and report the story for all the parents to hear. Since she’s rather youthful looking, she can still pull off the teenage look. Or at least, her boss hopes so.

Never been kissed Josie Returns to high school drew Barrymore

It would be in her best interest to become one of the cool kids, but she soon learns that once a “loser” always a “loser.” Though, she’ll struggle to make friends, she might find love in a place she never expected.

Never been kissed Josie Geller and Sam Colson Drew Barrymore Michael Vartan

Overall, Never Been Kissed is definitely a very sweet and good movie. Definitely appeals more to the female crowd than myself though. I did find it interesting to see many actors in there who have aged a lot in the past 21 years.

Score: B

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