Heidi Motel (Helen Georgia)

Heidi Motel Helen Georgia large windmill

During my visit to Helen, Georgia, I stayed at the Heidi Motel. My room was actually behind the hunter green door on the far left underneath the windmill. I really enjoyed my stay.

Heidi Motel Helen Georgia queen size bed

Despite the name motel, the room was pretty nice. Though, the queen bed could’ve been a little bit more comfortable in the quality of the mattress.

Heidi Motel Helen Georgia kitchen counter microwave coffee maker mini fridge

The room has pretty much everything you could need. The mini fridge worked, but I didn’t get a chance to use the microwave or the coffee pot. So we’re just going to assume they work.

Heidi Motel Helen Georgia TV and fireplace

It also had a nice TV and electronic fireplace.

Heidi Motel Helen Georgia TV with Roku Hulu Netflix Disney+

I was also relieved to see the TV get streaming services via Roku. I hate when hotels have just basic cable. Streaming services are the future, even if you have to type your passwords in.

Heidi Motel Helen Georgia bathroom toilet and shower

The bathroom is pretty standard.

Heidi Motel Helen Georgia bathroom sink vanity

Definitely nothing to complain about.

Heidi Motel Helen Georgia hot tub

My favorite part was the hot tub. It had seating where you could really sit down. Had a very relaxing dip.

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