Trolls World Tour (2020 Film) Review

Trolls World Tour movie poster DreamWorks

I had seen the original Trolls movie by Dreamworks a few years ago. Trolls World Tour is the new sequel but I didn’t get to see it in theaters when it came out. It’s currently available on Hulu, so the time eventually came for me to watch it.

Trolls World Tour Queen Barb vs King Trollex techno trolls

The trolls that we had seen in the first movie were of the pop music trolls. There is a tribe of trolls for every major type of music and smaller sects of clans for niche music. They all had lived separately but in harmony for many many years.

Trolls World Tour Queen Barb of the Rock and roll trolls

Except one day, the queen of the Rock and Roll trolls, Queen Barb decides to invade a troll country that isn’t her own. She wants to take magic strings from the other clans of trolls to eliminate thier music forever. So that eventually, all the Troll Kingdoms will be under Rock and Roll music.

Trolls World Tour Queen Poppy rainbow teeth DreamWorks

So it will be up to Queen Poppy to unite her people and defeat the Rock and Roll trolls. The unfortunate thing is that she doesn’t quite understand how serious Queen Barb is about her quest.

Trolls World Tour Branch and the K-Pop Gang

Overall, Trolls World Tour is a pretty cute film. It’s still not as great as Pixar but it’s about on par with the first movie but since it had pretty cute musical numbers, I think I preferred the sequel over the original. DreamWorks might not be the king of animated movies, but it’s not bad to be the runner up.

Score: B+

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