Tom & Jerry (2021 Film) Review

Tom & Jerry 2021 movie poster Warner Brothers Tim story

Tom and Jerry were two cartoon characters that I didn’t watch very much when I was little. I often tried to avoid the show when it would air because I would often find it boring. But I recognize their impact on the history of cartoons and decided to give this new movie a try. It is available to watch on HBO Max along with movie theaters that are open.

Tom & Jerry 2021 Tom punched by Jerry mouse

The plot involving Tom and Jerry isn’t very complex. He’s a very talented mouse and Tom is a very stupid cat. They low-key hate each other but Tom never seems to ever catch his mouse. But that never stops him from trying.

Tom & Jerry 2021 Kayla Forester and Tom look for Jerry mouse Chloë Grace Moretz

A young woman named Kayla Forester fakes a resume to get a pretty notable gig for a major hotel in New York City. A giant wedding is planned at the hotel with the bride and groom as the most honored guests. The hotel staff are informed that everything should be perfect. But Jerry the mouse is living in the hotel. So she gets the idea to hire Tom to find him for an “eviction.”

Tom & Jerry 2021 Terence Mendoza vs Kayla Forester Michael Peña Chloë Grace Moretz

One of the hotel managers Terence Mendoza does not trust Kayla at all. When she’s surprisingly excels at her job and threatens his, he gets a rather disturbing plan to fix that problem. Who knew a cat and mouse could create such drama for a major hotel in the most famous American city of all time?

Tom & Jerry 2021 Chef Jackie Ken Jeong

To be perfectly honest, Tom and Jerry is a rather mediocre film. Chloë Grace Moretz has always been a very talented actress and she’s very likable here but even with talent in the cast there’s only so much they can do to help out the story. The Tom and Jerry parts are very predictable and the actual story going on seems like a movie made for television. It’s not horrible, but in a few years I think almost everyone will forget about it.

Score: C

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