Godzilla vs. Kong (2021 Film) Review

Godzilla vs. Kong movie poster Warner Brothers

I remember watching the first King Kong versus Godzilla movie a long time ago as a kid. I had heard of this movie being teased a long time ago, but I had mixed feelings about it. Besides the first Godzilla movie in these new reboots, none of them have been spectacular. But I was willing to give it a try.

Godzilla screaming in Tokyo Godzilla vs. Kong Warner Brothers

The movie is set a few years after the events of the last Godzilla movie. After being mankind’s savior, Godzilla has gone back to destruction. And nobody is really sure why the giant lizard with nuclear breath has gone back to evil.

Madison Russell finds mechagodzilla Godzilla vs. Kong Millie Bobby Brown

Madison Russell is really adamant about finding out why Godzilla is being the way he is. Her father is one of the bigwigs on the project about monitoring and defending the Earth from monsters like Godzilla. She senses that he may still be good, and she won’t give up easily about proving that.

King Kong in chains Godzilla vs. Kong Warner Brothers

Without much hope, mankind decides to call King Kong out of isolation as he’s the only living being capable of even standing a chance against Godzilla. The giant gorilla monster agrees to help mankind, but which monster will be standing by the end of the movie?

King Kong punches godzilla Godzilla vs. Kong Warner Brothers

Godzilla vs. Kong is not as great as some have claimed it to be, but it’s much much better the last Godzilla movie. Like most versus movies, it’s a little predictable about how it will end. Though, I will say that there was quite a bit of a surprise to me as the movie got close to its climax.

Score: B-

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