The Addams Family (2019 Film) Review

The Addams Family movie poster 2019

 I wouldn’t say The Addam’s Family is my favorite fictional family ever but I do like them. I thought about seeing this new animated movie last year but I didn’t get the chance to really see it before it left the box office. It actually did quite well at the box office, but the real question is, what did I think of this new film? 

Gomez and Morticia The Addams Family 2019

The film reboots the story back to square one, the marriage of Gomez Addams to Morticia Frump. Their wedding ends with a angry mob looking to get “revenge” on the Addams family or something like that. They escape, find a new home, and soon we see them have a full family before the story really gets started. 

Wednesday Addams red balloon The Addams Family 2019

In addition to Gomez and his wife Morticia, they have their daughter Wednesday and their son Pugsley. They also get visits from Uncle Fester and Cousin Itt. The kids spent most of their lives confined to the house, but they are curious on what life is like outside of the family estate. So they do make their way to town. 

Margaux Needler The Addams Family 2019

They soon meet Margaux Needler, a TV host of home make-overs. Her bright and cheery personality clashes often with the Addams family members. But she offers to remodel their home for the TV show, and that’s when things get dramatic. Will she ruin their house or will they still be able to keep their house as a home?” 

Gomez Addams stuck in a trap The Addams Family 2019

Overall I was a little disappointed by The Addams Family movie.  It plays things a bit too safe and the plot is pretty basic and predictable. While the characters haven’t changed much, I don’t think any of these incarnations would outshine any of the others in past history.  I would say I liked the film, but the 1990’s movies were far superior. 

Score: B-

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