Jumanji: The Next Level (2019 Film) Review

Ruby Roundhouse poster Jumanji: The Next Level

As a kid, Jumanji with Robin Williams was one of my favorite films ever. Seeing the sequel Welcome to the Jungle at first glance was horrific…but it actually turned out really good even if it was not really the same kind of film as the original movie. I had my doubts on The Next Level as I could see it being a big case of deja vu. Was I wrong?

Grandpa Eddie and milo walker Jumanji: The Next Level

The movie starts off a few years after the events of the first. Spencer had moved to New York City and kinda got distant from his friends. He returns to his Grandpa Eddie’s house whom is having a bitter reunion with his former business partner Milo Walker. Spencer wants to feel like Dr. Bravestone again and tries to modify the Jumanji game to his benefit. Spencer vanishes right before his friends arrive to say “hello.”

Everyone returns Jumanji: The Next Level

And they all know that Spencer jumped into the game again. And because they love him (maybe), they all take the risk and take their characters. But funny enough, only Martha gets her character back. Both Grandpa Eddie and Milo Walker get put into the game too.

Kevin Hart Jumanji: The Next Level

But this game is a bit different than the last time. You’ll see far more snowy terrain, and a brand-new bad guy. The three-lives rules is still in effect, so they’ll all have to be careful. Which won’t be easy since Grandpa Eddie and Milo Walker think they’re either in a dream or dead. But can they save Spencer and beat Jumanji once again?

Awakfina Jumanji: The Next Level

Overall Jumanji: The Next Level was a good sequel and a bit better than I expected. It’s got the deja vu, which I expected, but not as a bad I thought. It’s more different than the last film than you’d think. I thought the plot had a better story in this one, while the previous film had the better comedy. At about two hours, it is a bit too long for its own good, but I was impressed by the movie. But like the last film, I enjoy the first one above any others.

Score: B-

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