Watched Iron Man (2008 Film)

Iron Man movie poster

I’ve been missing chances to see the movie for years now. Now that I got a chance to watch it, it’s pretty good. However I think they spent way too much time with Tony Stark’s backstory and how he became Iron Man which slowed down the pace of the movie in my opinion.

Iron man Tony stark goes to the middle east

Robert Downey Jr. does play a fantastic role as Tony Stark. More so the guy than the superhero. He’s witty, and very frank with what he wants.

Iron man Tony stark builds first suit mark i

Despite what I said with the back-story, I do like all the action scenes. Seeing the newly built Iron Man prototype crush all enemy forces to escape to freedom was awesome.

Iron man Tony stark builds first glove

The building scenes were a little hit or miss.

Iron man pepper potts sexy low back dress

His assistant Pepper Potts had great chemistry with him.

Iron man 2008 mark ii suit

It may not be the greatest Marvel or superhero movie ever made, but I enjoyed watching it.

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