Captain America: Civil War (2016 Film) Review

Captain America: Civil War movie poster Chris Evans Robert Downey Jr

I heard about the 3rd Captain America movie being called Civil War a few years ago and pretty much knew what to expect. It also serves in a sense as the 4th Iron Man movie as Tony Stark is the other major character. This movie is based on the famous comic story-line where super heroes side with either Iron Man or Captain America over the government trying to control super-heroes and in a way their own personal lives. Now let me say that it’s certainly not 100% true to the comics as it affected the whole Marvel universe (instead of the few in this universe), and there was a major death in the story-line that would obviously never happen in the Avengers-related movie universe. Spider-Man had a major part in the Civil War of the comics, so I was glad to see them finally get Sony to agree to let Spider-Man enter this universe. So who will win? Team Cap or Team Iron Man?

Captain America: Civil War Tony Stark arguing with Steve Rogers Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans

The film begins with Captain America and a team of his Avengers taking down an old foe turned into the super-villain Crossbones. They defeat him but due to the Scarlet Witch’s powers, innocent lives were lost when she couldn’t save the day in time. This causes an uproar in the international community with the United Nations telling the U.S. government to put a leash on the Avengers team. Iron Man (Tony Stark) agrees along with some of his Avengers pals, while Captain America (Steve Rogers) just can’t go along with the plan. If the Avengers are needed in a planet-saving battle, he doesn’t want to wait for bureaucrats to give him the green-light to save the day. Which causes a lot of tension between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers.

Captain America: Civil War Team Cap airport battle

A tragic event occurs which most of the world blames The Winter Solider for even though Captain America was sure he reformed from his evil past. When he tries to save his old pal Bucky Barnes from being captured, and this action puts Captain America in direct conflict with Tony Stark and those who agree with him. The remaining Avengers (except for Thor and Hulk who are absent) all take sides and Iron Man and Captain America go from friends to foes. They fought the evil Loki together, and they stopped Ultron from taking over the world. But now for the first time, the Avengers are at war with each other. Both sides think they are right, but who will prove the other side to be wrong?

Captain America: Civil War Spider-Man catches caps shield Tom Holland

Overall I was pretty happy with Captain America: Civil War. I thought the 2nd Avengers movie wasn’t nearly as great as the first and this makes up for it. We’re all used to super-heroes vs super-villains but the concept of their own internal conflict is certainly something you never see every-day. I also liked the new Spider-Man (who is much younger than the other two movie versions) which is good as he’s suppose to have his own movie. I was a little shocked to see how very young Aunt May (portrayed by Marisa Tomei) is in this universe. The 3rd Captain America is not the greatest in the series, but certainly one of the best.

Score: A-

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