Spider-Man Far From Home (2019 Film) Review

Spider-Man Far From Home movie poster tom Holland Jake Gyllenhaal

Spider-Man is my favorite super-hero overall in my life-time. Not only do we share the same birthday (both Tom Holland’s MCU incarnation’s birthday and the first Spider-Man comic are linked to August 10th) but I think our hearts beat to the same rhythm. Though I don’t have mutant power thanks to a radioactive spider, but I’m working on it. I was glad to see that the Disney/Marvel-Sony deal finally fixed itself (again) and Tom Holland’s Spider-Man will stay in the MCU. Though his standalone films are still made by Sony, not technically Disney/Marvel. I wanted to see it in theaters, but luck and time wasn’t on my side earlier this summer.

Spider-Man Far From Home Peter Parker missing iron man tony stark tom holland

The movie takes places a good number of months after the events of Avengers: Endgame, which saw the downfall on many heroes along with the terrible beings as well. Tony Stark (Iron Man) dying to save the world had a huge impact on the young Peter Parker. Even dead, Tony is still the hero to many. It’s not hard to understand that Peter Parker feels like he’s in the shadow of a legend he could never reach.

Spider-Man Far From Home Peter Parker ghosts nick Fury Tom holland

But the time for resting will soon run out in the hourglass. Peter learns that Nick Fury wants Spider-Man to fight a new evil. But his school class is going on a big trip to Europe, and he really wants to go. Turns out that Nick Fury has more control over this crazy field trip than Peter really realizes. Despite his best efforts, Spider-Man is going to fight. Whether he likes it or not.

Spider-Man Far From Home Peter Parker meets mysterio Tom holland Jake Gyllenhaal

But he’ll have a new ally. A mysterious man named Quentin Beck, whom the media soon dubs Mysterio after he impresses many around the world. He claims to be from another Earth, which was destroyed apparently by near god-like beings known as the Elementals. Mysterio has already stopped a few of them, but he’ll most likely need Spider-Man’s help for the last one.

Spider-Man Far From Home mysterio full costume Jake Gyllenhaal

Overall I really enjoyed Far From Home. To be fair to people who know NOTHING about Spider-Man lore, the main villain of the film was one of the lamest and dumbest bad guys in the comics and TV shows, but the MCU makes him work and I really enjoyed this incarnation. I actually enjoyed this one more than Homecoming and just a little less than Spider-Man 1 and 2 with Tobey Maguire. The true ending to the movie is absolutely genius and so darn bold.

Score: A-

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