Things I Hate: Harry Osborn/Green Goblin (The Amazing Spider-Man 2)

Harry Osborn the amazing Spider-Man 2

One of the worst parts about the 2nd Amazing Spider-Man movie was Harry Osborn. They got the character pretty right in the first trio of films, but they totally messed him up this go around. There’s not much about his dad, Norman. I think I remember he was dying of some kind of disease and really wanted a cure.

Harry Osborn becomes the Green Goblin the amazing Spider-Man 2

And he ends up I think putting some kind of hybrid of science and the spider dna in his own self.

Harry Osborn Green Goblin form the amazing Spider-Man 2

Which makes him the new Green Goblin.. and it’s a pretty lame look.

Harry Osborn Green Goblin vs Spider-Man the amazing Spider-Man 2

Not a very good fight.

Harry Osborn Green Goblin defeated the amazing Spider-Man 2

And he is defeated in the end.

Harry Osborn in prison the amazing Spider-Man 2

He doesn’t die and ends up seeming like he’d join a team of bad guys in a Sinister Six film, but since Spider-Man went to the MCU after that, Sony pulled the plug on the Marc Webb era of films.

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