Things I Hate: Max Dillon/Electro (The Amazing Spider-Man 2)

Max Dillon the amazing Spider-Man 2

Out of the major Spider-Man bad guys in any of the films, I’d say Max might have been the worst. They made him way too inhuman. He’s one of the most pathetic losers in any movie. He thinks Spider-Man is his best friend, gets mad when doesn’t remember his name, and he soon turns into…

Max Dillon becomes Electro The Amazing Spider-Man 2

A big bad guy with a lot of electrical energy. They actually based his form off Electro in the Ultimate comics rather than the mainstream Spider-Man comic line.

Electro is born The Amazing Spider-Man 2

He gets captured and tested on until he allies with Harry Osborn to break out.

I didn’t like his powers too much. He seemed to be too powerful but often did little with it.

Electro escapes The Amazing Spider-Man 2

His fight with Spider-Man was rather forgettable.

Electro electric breath The Amazing Spider-Man 2

And he is killed when Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy find out a way to hit him with the power of the Oscorp electrical plant. He vanishes without a trace, thank goodness we’ll never see him again.

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