Men in Black: International (2019 Film) Review

Men in Black international Tessa Thompson Chris Hemsworth movie poster

When I was nine, the original Men in Black hit theaters, and it was pretty darn good. I saw the sequel and liked it but I missed out on the 3rd film back in 2012 and I never got around to seeing it. What urged me to see it on Blu-ray (but not in theaters) was its new stars; Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson. They both worked well together in Thor: Ragnarok, so this looked pretty promising. But I heard some terrible opinions on the film. Could it be bad?

Agent H saves Paris France from hive aliens Men in Black international Tessa Thompson Chris Hemsworth

The film follows the story of Agent H (who has no real connections to Agent K or Agent J from the first three movies) who became a big hero when he stopped a parasitic race of aliens known as the Hive in Paris, France a few years back. His partner in that case was High T, who is pretty much the higher up at Men in Black’s European branch of the agency.

Agent M black suit and tie Men in Black international Tessa Thompson Chris Hemsworth

Then we see Molly Wright, who saw aliens and the Men in Black as a child. Since the agents at the time didn’t notice she was eavesdropping on them, her memory stayed in-tact, while her parents forgot the whole thing. She spends her whole life trying to find the Men in Black to become one of their agents, which is unheard of. The Men in Black find new agents, not the other way around. But Molly puts on the black suit and sunglasses, and becomes Agent M.

Agent H and agent M on the case Men in Black international Tessa Thompson Chris Hemsworth

Her first case won’t be an easy one. She teams up with Agent H and they soon see one of Agent H’s friends die. Before he passed, he handed Agent M a pretty unique rock. It is the key to a super weapon that may destroy the whole world. There are two rather mysterious aliens after them, and soon enough all of the Men in Black are questioning their loyalties. Can they save the world, or is it doomed?

Agent H and agent M acquire super weapon Men in Black international Tessa Thompson Chris Hemsworth

Overall, Men in Black: International is a rather disappointing film. The special effects are top notch. But the story isn’t really interesting, but it isn’t really mundane either. It feels like a can of soda left on the kitchen countertop for a day. While it looks good, and smells fine, it’s lost most of its flavor and it’s probably not even worthy to be drunk. While I wanted to love this one, a good script of the movie must have existed in another world.

Score: C

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