Things I Hate: Eddie Brock/Venom (Spider-Man 3)

Eddie Brock Spider-Man 3 Topher grace

I was beyoned hyped to see Spider-Man 3 due to Venom being the main bad guy in the movie. He was my favorite villain in the comics and cartoon, so a movie version seemed like the best thing ever. And they messed it up. I blame Topher Grace a lot, while I liked him on That 70’s Show, he was just a miscast.

Peter Parker gets Eddie Brock fired Spider-Man 3 Topher grace

Eddie Brock was often built like body-builder in most versions, but this Eddie Brock is just a jerk and a loser with a slim figure. He tries to compete against Peter Parker as photographers for that terrible paper they work for.

Eddie Brock praying in church Spider-Man 3 Topher grace

And Peter ends up ruining Eddie’s career and life. Well, you kind of deserved it buddy.

Venom is born Spider-Man 3 Topher grace

But he lucks out when Peter rejects the Venom symbiote and it falls upon him. Their dual hatred for Peter Parker/Spider-Man created a even more fearsome monster than the Black Suit Spider-Man.

Eddie Brock and venom Spider-Man 3 Topher grace

But this Venom was too skinny and the battle wasn’t the greatest.

Eddie Brock and venom death Spider-Man 3 Topher grace

He ends up dying when he refuses to let go of the symbiote and they both vanish together. Good riddance.

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