Things I Like: Norman Osborn/Green Goblin (Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man)

I'm something of a scientist myself Norman Osborn Spider-Man 1

The Green Goblin had always been a great Spider-Man villain and they did a great job with this incarnation of Norman Osborn. At the start of the movie, he’s something of a scientist himself and he also owns a large company.

Norman Osborn picks up son Harry Spider-Man 1

I thought they did a good job with the father-son relationship between him and Harry Osborn. Harry is in many ways, not like his father, and they created a lot of drama. But you can tell, both of them love each other when the time calls for it.

Norman Osborn becomes the Green Goblin Spider-Man 1

Norman wasn’t really bad until he needed a government contract to keep his company afloat. Which meant he had to create something to make super-soldiers, making the test person himself.

Green Goblin first rampage Spider-Man 1

Instead of dying, he becomes crazy and super-strong. Plus with his Batman-like wealth, he has gadgets to increase the carnage.

Green Goblin captures Spider-Man William Dafoe

He takes quick notice of Spider-Man and offers him “friendship” so they could be evil together, but he’s turned down.

Norman Osborn Thanksgiving dinner Spider-Man 1

I liked how he figured out it was Peter Parker. What are the odds though?

Green Goblin tricks Peter Parker Spider-Man 1

Their fights were really good, and I liked how he made himself known to Peter and pretended like the sane half of him was still there.

Norman Osborn dies Spider-Man 1

Which only comes out when Norman knows he’d make Harry ashamed if his son had found out about his alter-ego.

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