Meme Dump: The Republican Taliban

Memes Republicans are like the Taliban
Memes don't tread on me Covid-19 hospitalization
Memes Donald Trump peace deal taliban
Memes rise of extremists Republican Party
Memes dying Covid-19 hospital
Memes Covid-19 maga variant
Memes sean Hannity ivermectin
Memes governor hot wheels Texas
Memes Republicans hypocrisy mask wearing
Memes mike Pompeo Afghanistan taliban
Memes billionaire work ethic
Memes redneck thinking he can solve Afghanistan
Memes Republicans idiots Afghanistan
Memes Lauren boebert idiot
Memes Obama vs trump Afghanistan
Memes transgender bathroom rights
Memes Lauren boebert is a terrorist
Memes trump deal with the Taliban
Memes Donald Trump Jeffrey epstein
Memes Republicans Covid-19 variants

One Comment Add yours

  1. What a post! It’s so spot on, and I’m almost in despair after reading it. I’m very proud of my congressman Jason Crow! The T-rex one is hysterical until you think about the implications. How is this all going to end?


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