The Lego Movie (2014 Film) Review

The Lego Movie poster

I honestly never heard of The Lego Movie until after it came out in theaters. The idea itself sounded stupid, but it did remarkably well critically. It did so well that praise was almost universal. Is The Lego Movie worthy of its acclaim?

Emmet Brickowski The Lego Movie 2014

The movie begins with a ordinary Lego construction worker named Emmet Brickowski. Emmet is typically clueless about everything about the world, but he stumbles upon something to save it. He learns that he is the awaited hero known as The Special. Except Emmet doesn’t feel so special and thinks people predicting his heroics was a mistake.

Emmet Brickowski and Zeus The Lego Movie 2014

But he joins a team of legendary heroes to stop an evil lord from unleashing a secret weapon. It will change the Lego world as they know it. However Emmet must worry about a villain known as Bad Cop stopping him from being a hero.

Batman and unicorn The Lego Movie 2014

Overall The Lego Movie is a pretty cute and funny animated movie. The plot is unpredictable and I really liked its quirky humor. I wouldn’t say it compares to Pixar’s finest films, but I would be delighted to see a sequel.

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