Things I Like: Kick-Ass (2010 Film)

Kick-ass 2010 movie

Originally a comic series, this movie is based on comic book geeks. Dave wonders what it’d be like to actually be a super-hero.

Dave Kick-ass 2010 movie

So he buys a scuba-suit, and runs around town.

Dave becomes super hero Kick-ass 2010 movie

He eventually tries to be a hero but fails on his first couple of tries.

Katie Kick-ass 2010 movie

Which makes his crush Katie think that he’s gay.

Big Daddy and hit girl Kick-ass 2010 movie

He then meets these guys, who are truly awesome.

Big Daddy Kick-ass 2010 movie

Big Daddy is awesome, though he looks like Bat-man.

Hit Girl Kick-ass 2010 movie

Hit Girl is even more awesome.

McLovin Kick-ass 2010 movie

Oh and McLovin is also in this kick-ass movie.

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