Peter Pan (2003 Film) Review

Peter Pan 2003 movie poster

Peter Pan is one of the most classic stories ever told. As such, there’s been a lot of adaptations over the years. One of which is 2003’s incarnation of Peter Pan. I had no idea it existed until about a week ago. It’s been a little while since I watched something based on Peter Pan, such as 2015’s Pan, but this older movie about Peter Pan must be better than that one, right?

Wendy Darling Peter Pan 2003 movie

The movie is a pretty true and classic take on the Peter Pan story. We see Wendy Darling more as the main character. She is not quite a girl, but not quite a woman yet. She is humbled to hear her aunt and mother giving her praise on her accelerating maturity, but she also has problems with “growing up” too soon. Her aunt insists that she spend less time with her little brothers, and spends most of her time learning on how to be a lady.

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell Peter Pan 2003 movie

But before that can happen, Peter Pan manages to fly through her window. He is from Neverland, a mystical place where nobody ages. Peter Pan is very carefree, silly, goofy, and over-abundant in self-confidence. And to Tinkerbell’s dismay, he has a obvious crush on Wendy Darling, and she is also smitten with him. He teaches Wendy and her brothers how to fly and they all make the adventure to Neverland.

Captain hook Jason Isaacs Peter Pan 2003 movie

However not everything in Neverland is all good and true. There are dark creatures like mermaids, and a crocodile about the size of a small dinosaur. But the one most people should fear, is Captain James Hook. He lost his right hand to Peter in a duel, and he’s making sure to get his revenge, and it better be sweet. Or else his whole crew will suffer for it once his boat hits some pretty rough waters at sea.

Tiger Lily vs captain hook Peter Pan 2003 movie

The 2003 incarnation of Peter Pan actually is pretty good. Nothing ground-breaking, but a pleasant film with great direction, above-average acting, and it’s pretty true to the work it’s based on. This version of the hero Peter Pan isn’t my favorite, but I thought Jason Isaacs was wonderful as Captain Hook and Rachel Hurd-Wood is very charming as Wendy Darling. My favorite Peter Pan film is the one with Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman, but this one is solid in its own right.

Score: B

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