Things I Like: Ocean’s Eleven (2001 Film)

Ocean's Eleven movie poster

I remember this film making a big splash two decades ago, but never watched it until now. I guess at my age I wasn’t interested, but my mom loved the movie so I just grabbed her DVD of it. I’ve never seen the original 1960 film Ocean’s 11 starring Frank Sinatra so I can’t make a comparison between it and this remake.

Ocean's Eleven matt Damon George Clooney brad pitt

The movie is about a man named Danny Ocean and his 10 associates who plan to pull the greatest heist in casino history by taking out 3 in one night. They all happened to be owned by 1 billionaire and it all goes to a single vault so it’s not terribly complicated in that way. Though their plan is long and complicated and needs the different skills and talents of each of the members of Ocean’s 11.

Andy Garcia Ocean's Eleven

I think the film’s best characters are Damon’s role of Linus Caldwell, Bernie Mac’s role of Frank Catton, and Andy Garcia’s role of Terry Benedict. I liked Damon and Mac because of their comic relief especially the scene where they’re in all the same room with Terry Benedict. I liked Garcia’s role of Benedict because he never dropped his cool of being a really half-evil rich guy, even when he saw the plot unfold before his eyes when it was too late.

Ocean's Eleven

I don’t think it’s the masterpiece my mom told me it was two decades ago, but I had good time watching it. It’s a shame I hear the sequel is terrible, so I’ll leave the series at the start to not ruin the story-line in my head.

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